Grapefruit Aluminum Free Deodorant

High Performance | Coconut Oil + Baking Soda Free

Feminine + Invigorating



Grapefruit has an energizing citrus scent that will focus your mind and revitalize your strength to prepare you for what’s ahead. Start and end your day fresh. Miles of Moisture Aluminum Free Deodorant WORKS! It’s an effective, non-greasy gel stick powered by plant derived proteins. It glides on easily and dries clear.  And is baking soda and coconut oil free, perfect for sensitive skin. Made to last all day. Keeping you fresh even on your toughest ones.

Before you use this deodorant try Fresh Start MUD (Underarm Detox). Because it primes your pits to help eliminate odor and toxins.

Apply to dry, clean skin on the underarm area. For external use only.

2.65oz | Confident + Gentle

Floral and botanical skincare for your body.

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